Transform Lackluster Events into Memorable Moments With Angela York and Elyse Stoner (Ep. 464)

Some advisor events are forgettable and yield no results, while others leave clients raving and referring. What’s the difference?

Successful events have a rock-solid plan.

Tune in to Matt Halloran’s conversation with Angela York and Elyse Stoner, co-founders of Event Advisors, to learn how to transform every event into memorable, impactful experiences that deepen your relationships — not only with your clients but also with their families and friends. From goal-setting to post-event follow-up…they cover it all!

Angela and Elyse discuss:

  • The importance of aligning your events with your overall marketing strategy
  • Crafting events that resonate with your ideal client
  • Different events for different goals and purposes (hint: not every event needs to be educational)
  • Why return on the moment (ROM) is a better metric for events than ROI
  • Real examples of successful advisor events
  • And more

“Event planning is not just calling a venue, booking a night of chicken dinner, and you’re on your way. It is setting the goals all the way to the follow-up. That is what’s different from what most people think event planning is. It’s building an event with the goal of nurturing your client relationships.”

 ~Angela York


“When we’re talking about events, it’s not about the advisor, or the wholesaler, or the broker-dealer. It’s about the attendee.”

 ~Elyse Stoner



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