Why the Best Experts Aren’t Afraid To Say “I Don’t Know” With Maggie Jackson (Ep. 463)

Have you ever been in a client meeting where you hesitated to say “I don’t know,” so you gave a half-baked answer that you wished you hadn’t?

In reality, being unsure can be a strength — when channeled effectively.

Learn how with Matt Halloran and guest Maggie Jackson, author of a new book, “Uncertain: The Wisdom and Wonder of Being Unsure.” They explore how embracing uncertainty can add a new layer of trust and connection to your client conversations and improve your learning, listening, and adaptability to change.

Matt and Maggie discuss:

  • The science behind uncertainty and its benefits in decision-making
  • How to effectively communicate uncertainty without compromising confidence (your words matter!)
  • Simple ways to increase your tolerance for uncertainty and build resilience
  • Re-defining the word “expert” to foster deeper client relationships
  • And more

“First, uncertainty is a spur. It wakes you up. Think of it as good stress that’ll change your whole outlook on the world. Second, think of it as a space of possibilities.” ~Maggie Jackson


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About Our Guest:

Maggie Jackson is an award-winning author and journalist with a global reach. Her new book, Uncertain: The Wisdom and Wonder of Being Unsure, explores why we should seek not-knowing in times of flux. Nominated for a National Book Award and named to three “Best Books of 2023” lists, Uncertain has been lauded as “incisive and timely…triumphant” (Dan Pink), “surprising and practical” (Gretchen Rubin) and “remarkable and persuasive” (Library Journal). Jackson’s acclaimed previous book  Distracted sparked a global conversation on the steep costs of fragmenting our attention. A former columnist for the Boston Globe, Maggie has written for The New York Times and many other publications worldwide. Her writings have been translated into multiple languages and are widely covered by the press. She lives in New York and Rhode Island.

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