Avoid Costly Mistakes & Build Your Marketing Foundation First With John Wernz (Ep. 462)

You know what marketing is, right? But what about the difference between foundational and growth marketing? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to John Wernz, a seasoned marketing expert in financial services. They reveal why knowing the difference is key to marketing success — and why doing foundational vs growth marketing in the right order can save your marketing budget. Spoiler alert: John recommends getting your foundational marketing right before pouring money into growth in order to maximize the leads you generate and ultimately close more business.

Matt and John discuss:

  • The major differences between foundational and growth marketing
  • How to quickly nurture and connect with leads
  • The role of center of influence (COI) marketing in a thriving advisory practice
  • And more

“But so many times, people skip foundational marketing. It drives me bananas. And you don’t have the social proof, and you don’t have the influence — people are going to go to your website, and they’re going to be like, ‘What? No, I’m not ready to work with you.’” – John Wernz


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About Our Guest:

John Wernz is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Great Hill Partners and a strategic advisor to growing FinTechs.

He believes in the power of scalable and measurable organic growth programs to enable financial services firms to have a greater impact.

For more than a decade, John served as the organic growth leader at Wealth Enhancement Group, one of the nation’s top RIA firms, driving the asset growth from less than $2B to more than $50B in assets in his tenure.

Today, he brings that expertise and practical know-how to growing financial services firms, and related early stage FinTechs, helping them achieve faster growth than they thought possible.

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