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A Little History

Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran founded ProudMouth in 2017. They decided to collaborate after initially meeting as guest speakers at a small conference in 2015. 

Their collaboration ended up solving one of the biggest obstacles professionals and companies face: the ability to consistently produce authentic and valuable content to power their content marketing strategy.

Kirk and Matt’s brainchild –– using a podcast to accelerate influence –– is how professionals and companies rise above the noise, freeing themselves from the torment of sales. Kirk and Matt have developed a robust Influence Accelerator System that has grown to a $2M+ revenue enterprise in only 4 short years since inception. Scaling clients’ credibility has led to game-changing outcomes for clients, and how they’ve turned ProudMouth into such a success story. Not many businesses can claim their system (what they do for others) has also been the staple of their own success. 


Your Marketing Team

Ready to turn up the volume?

If you’re ready to sell less and advise more by becoming a trusted, recognized authority with a growing audience of adoring followers who’ll do the advertising for you, then we’d love to chat.

Gain access to our deep vault of resources to help you become a subject matter authority. Learn how to create and implement effective content marketing, click-worthy social media, your own podcast, and much more.