Meet Your Marketing Team

Each member of our team has years of experience and are experts in their specialty. They are part of ProudMouth because they believe in simple. Simple means affordab

le, intriguing, sustainable, fun, and effective.

Founder | Influence & Relationship Accelerator

Kirk Lowe

Kirk Lowe is the co-founder and CEO of ProudMouth.

He and his team are influence and relationship accelerators. Everything they do is built around the power of podcasting and helping people who compete in the expertise economy to own their specific expertise, with their specific audience, and in their specific region. 

Kirk has been a thought leader in branding, content marketing and digital marketing for 20+ years. He generously shares his ideas and experiences through his podcast, blog, papers, webinars, courses and has been published across the industry.

Partner | Podcasting Expert

Matt Halloran

Matt got started in the financial services industry 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach.   As he became immersed in his client’s biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert.  More recently, Matt has added podcasting to that list.

Matt respects how tough it is to be great and effective at marketing while running a practice, living a life, and loving a family. He teaches advisors how to be themselves, let their passions shine through and create strong brands that resonate with ideal prospects and centers of influence.

Matt’s first book “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors” available on Amazon was a big hit. He’s been leading the social wave in financial services for years – teaching top advisors how to be human in an oftentimes inhuman industry. His second book “99 best ideas”, was an Amazon bestseller and is filled with marketing ideas.

In his list of accomplishments, Matt has served in the Navy, is a trained therapist, been a radio host, and worked as a financial professional too. Matt’s breadth of hands on experience positions him superbly to help financial professionals build the marketing side of their practices.  He’s been there, done that and has the T-Shirt.

Matt is married with two twin teenage boys. They are avid swimmers. Oh, and Matt’s dogs are a big ole St. Bernard and a rescue pitbull mix named Luke (after the Jedi).

Chief Operations Officer

Lisa Ferguson

Lisa really enjoys helping people get organized, get answers and move forward. Lisa has worked in customer service for 30+ years helping develop and implement service processes and protocols. She’s a stickler for the details and getting $#!+ done. Over Lisa’ 30+ years, she spent 22 in the financial services industry. Her roles varied from Customer Service Representative, Learning and Development, Coaching and Mentoring, to Management and Risk Management. Lisa is a lifelong learner, always looking to better herself. She has gone back to school and achieved multiple certifications over the years, including, Website Design, Teaching and Training Adults, Customer Service Experience, and Interior Decorating. Lisa is very active in the community helping manage a soccer association and coaching a competitive soccer team. She’s an avid quilter, yes, I said quilter. Like any true Canadian, she’s loves hockey too. The best thing about Lisa, her laugh. It may even be better than Matt’s.

Marketing Lead

Jessica Brown

Jessica has always had a passion for the written word. In her early years, while the other kids were playing foursquare at recess, you could find Jessica either reading or writing. After school, Jessica would lean against the brick wall rereading books – often narrated by another of her passions, dogs.

Her love for stories evolved through her schooling and career in journalism. Jessica is in good company at ProudMouth– a marketing team with storytelling in its DNA.

Jessica helps financial advisors engage with their online audience in meaningful and genuine ways. She believes that when financial advisors tell stories about their brands, their audience can connect with them on a human level. Only then can financial advisors use social media to its utmost potential: to build and strengthen relationships.

Jessica has a Masters of Journalism and Communications degree. She is a fan of dogs, libraries, and chocolate cake. 

Influencer Academy Lead

Julia Ritchie

Julia is a lover of all things writing. With a passion for helping others and a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Communications, Julia is devoted to using her skill set to help people from all walks of life tell their stories.

Julia is also a strong believer in lifelong learning, and enjoys conducting extensive research to maximize the impact and effectiveness of her work.

At ProudMouth, Julia is now bringing her writing to the social media landscape, where she’s helping advisors tell their stories and connect with those who matter most online.

When she’s not in the office, Julia loves to read anything and everything, spend too much time keeping up with pop culture, and keeps active by running and swimming.

Account Manager Lead

Lauren Bus

Lauren is a natural storyteller with a passion for strategic communications. She brings to ProudMouth a lifelong love for the written word and an excitement for getting to the good stuff – what makes people who they are.

Lauren holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and Communication, and she uses this background to help clients tell their stories. She works with advisors to connect with their audiences and strengthen relationships with their clientele.

When she’s not working, Lauren is a lover of animals, the outdoors, and all things green. She practices yoga, is a novice knitter, and consumes far too much caffeine.


Robyn Walter

Robyn has over 30+ years in the service industry, and believes that good customer service and organization are the basis for success.
From her first full-time job at 17 in the insurance field as a file clerk/receptionist Robyn has carried the belief that giving 100% is not enough.
Robyn coordinates podcast schedules, reviews all podcasts, and follows up with our clients on a monthly basis with stats and reports on progress.  She loves keeping everyone on their toes and helps ensure everyone at ProudMouth stays on schedule.  If you have any questions about podcasting and social media services, reach out to Robyn and she will set up time in Matt or Kirk’s calendar for you!
Outside of work, Robyn is a mother of two, who volunteers in her spare time with a neighbourhood sports association.  Robyn is also a licensed bartender and enjoys spending her down time in the backyard or doing home renovations – so much so that she recently went to college to obtain a diploma in Construction Carpentry.
Podcast and Livestream Coordinator

Jennifer Chandler

Jen is recently retired from the Canadian Forces after spending over 25 years helping soldiers and their families as a financial services administrator. Although she has two big dogs that help her to never feel alone, Jen missed the feeling of working with people and being able to help people. So she returned to the workforce by joining our team.


Now that Jen is an empty nester, she plans to spend her off-duty time traveling through Ontario with her husband to watch their daughter play soccer at the university level. Jen also enjoys camping with her family (well, it’s more like “glamping” but she still gets mosquito bites and cooks over an open flame, so it counts!).

Account Manager

Jennifer Thom

Jennifer brings many years of experience in working with small to medium-size businesses.  Her skills range from accounting, customer support, account relationship management, vendor management, pre-planning and purchasing, reporting and analysis of trends.  Jennifer is looking forward to bringing her years of experience to her new role with ProudMouth.
In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, painting and soccer (spectating not playing).
Podcast Host

Aric is extremely passionate about helping others find success and fulfilment in all they do. He has been coaching and mentoring for over 20 years and finds his greatest fulfillment when helping others achieve more. Aric started his own coaching and consulting company in 2015, a second company focused on teaching BRI to advisors and has also joined our team as one of our podcast voice talents.

Aric knows how difficult it can be for any business owner to have their voice heard above the rest of the voices clients and prospects hear in their daily lives. He helps our clients find their voice and bring their personality and passion to their audience.

Aric and his wife Candi have helped raise 68 at-risk youth as well as having two children of their own. Aric and Candi have two grandchildren and they, along with his VERY large dog, to keep him busy.

Podcast Host

Patrice Sikora

I love words and have worked in radio news for more than 40 years (the average lifespan of a cockatoo). While most of
that time has been focused on financial and consumer reporting, I have also hosted continuing education
telecasts for medical personnel including nurses and doctors. There was even a stint teaching environmental
education in the middle of a swamp. A Master’s degree in Geography covers science and social issues…not just
“where” something might be, but “how” it works and “why.” It is a wonderful background for a journalist.

Account Manager

Rebecca Rynard

Rebecca is a recent marketing graduate. She has 4+ years of customer service experience demonstrating dependability and motivation. Rebecca is driven to let her creativity and determination thrive in this fast-growing industry of marketing. Specifically, she likes to focus on social media marketing and website design. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, attending live concerts, traveling, taking photographs, and baking treats. Rebecca believes that nothing ever comes easy without hard work and commitment.

Account Manager

Disha Melwani

Disha is a multimedia journalist with a strong interest in communication, social media, digital journalism, writing, and photography. With a degree in Communication & Digital Media Studies, she’s highly skilled in the communication and marketing field.


Born in Santiago, Chile, with a strong Indian background, Disha speaks Spanish and English and knows two other Indian languages. She has completed several internships in the journalism and communication industry in Canada and Chile.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, and exploring new places. In her free time, you will find her catching sunsets, writing, watching movies/shows, listening to music, and going shopping.

Social Media Assistant

Emily Ingham

From an early age, Emily had her nose in one book or another, spending equal amounts of time at school and in the library. No matter where she goes, she always keeps a book on hand. Her love of reading developed into a love for writing and telling stories. 


Starting out in retail, she has seen it all and then some. She believes in working hard to get where you want to go. Always eager to learn something new, she is currently bilingual but wanting to expand her knowledge.

At the end of the day, Emily likes to curl up with a cup of white hot chocolate and a good book to settle in for the night.

Marketing/Operations Assistant

Madison Thomas

Madison is a recent graduate of the Business Administration – Marketing program. She has always had a passion for creativity and working with people and found that these passions aligned so well in Marketing. Madison loves the opportunity that Marketing allows for being creative while assisting people to bring their branding dreams to reality! Madison approaches every new opportunity with determination and a smile on her face!

Podcast Editing

Matt Muto

Matt brings a variety of skills to ProudMouth and the podcast production team. Independently, Matt works as a producer, composer, and musician in southern and eastern Ontario. He has worked with independent artists across a wide variety of genres, including Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, and plenty more. Matt has also worked with a handful of businesses, composing and producing background music for ads and ad campaigns. In 2017 and 2018, he worked with Roots Canada and developed compositions for two of their seasonal ad campaigns.

Matt has worn plenty of other hats in the music industry as well, working for organizations like RX Music, The Vault Kingston, and The Grad Club. Some positions Matt has held with these groups and others include Music Journalist, Music Consultant, Live Audio Engineer, Concert & Festival MC, Radio DJ, Event Coordinator, Head of Event Marketing, and much more.

Prior to working with ProudMouth, Matt finished wrapping up a contract with one of Canada’s oldest radio stations, the CFRC, in Kingston, Ontario. Here, he produced, hosted, edited, mixed, and promoted two full programs for broadcast, and podcasting. The two shows, “Brought Back Home YGK” and “Timeline Rewind”, focused on local music and arts in Kingston, detailing the past and present wealth of talent found in Kingston’s arts scene, including some live music sessions as well from local musicians.

When Matt isn’t listening to music and working with audio, he enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and a variety of video games with friends.

Social Media Assistant

Jay Saspara

Jay is in his 4th year of the B-Comm. program at Ontario Tech University, pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing. Jay plans on continuing his studies and earning his CFA designation.  In the long term, Jay wants to become an entrepreneur and start a business of his own.

Jay enjoys spending time with friends, going to the gym, binging on Netflix, listening to music, and watching and playing cricket.

Social Media Analytics & Insights Specialist

Isabel Gagne

Isabel is a self-declared problem solver. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University majoring Strategic Management. She is also currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence. Isabel joins the ProudMouth team as an equally proud Indigenous woman from the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan. 

Isabel is also passionate about using her life to affect social change. She founded “Shoe Drive to the Net” an athletic shoe drive which collected and donated sports shoes to inner city athletes. Isabel chooses to live by the inner philosophy: “If you see a need, you must do all you can to meet that need”. Living by this philosophy led to Isabel being awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers and the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership. Isabel left her mark on McGill University as the Founder of the Desautels Indigenous Business Society, McGill’s first-ever club for Indigenous students in Management.

When she isn’t working, you can find Isabel reading new books or catching up on the latest episode of The Bachelor. 

Social Media Assistant

Dylan Devaux

Dylan is a marketing enthusiast. He’s enrolled in the Business Marketing Administration program at Durham College. He’s currently doing his school’s co-op program with ProudMouth. Prior to school, he had some social media and hands-on experience from a small business he worked for in St. Lucia. Dylan enjoys meeting new people and loves to create meaningful experiences and memories. He loves to learn and is constantly trying to improve himself to become a better version.

In his free time, Dylan likes to hang out with friends and especially get his adrenaline rushing. Three things that he loves are water sports, playing squash, and traveling.

Social Media Assistant

Elizabeth Wheeler

Elizabeth is finishing up her third year at Durham College pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Marketing. She is passionate about social media and digital marketing, and enjoys being able to show her creative side while working. Always ready to learn something new, Elizabeth enjoys being challenged and enjoys being able to help others. She’s excited to learn more about the the business of being an expert and getting their voices out into the world through podcasting!


During Elizabeth’s free time she enjoys camping, canoeing and reading a good book, often trying to find ways to accomplish all three. In the last few years she has taken up portaging, taking her farther into the woods during her camping trips.



Social Media Assistant

Jessie Chabot-Hamden

Jessie is currently in her fourth year of studying media, information, and technoculture with a minor in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies at Western University –– two fields that allow her to use creativity and her passion for writing. Jessie is very interested in journalism, creative writing, advertising, and social justice issues and plans to pursue those passions in her career. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies, hang out with her friends, bake, and write.

Social Media Assistant

Mariel Hall

Mariel is currently in the Media, Information, and Technoculture program at Western University, which is allowing her to experience the business side of creative organizations like ProudMouth. During her spare time, she enjoys shopping, watching different genres of films, going out for dinner with her friends, and grabbing coffee whenever possible! Working in retail for the past five years has allowed Mariel to expand her knowledge in marketing, sales, and customer service, and she plans to use those skills throughout the rest of her career.

Social Media Assistant

Haley Tice

Haley is a recent graduate of the Media, Information, and Technoculture program at the University of Western Ontario. She is currently pursuing her Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport and Event Marketing at George Brown College. Haley is passionate about sports; she was a former captain of the Western Women’s Flag Football team and is a current Varsity Soccer player for George Brown. 

With experience working as a Journalist and Social Media Manager for various organizations, Haley is passionate about connecting audiences to content that creates lasting memories. She is always up for a challenge and loves to be able to utilize her creative side in her work.  

When Haley is not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking elaborate dinners, watching Formula One or finding any excuse to get outside and be active.

Social Media Assistant

Serena Chagan

Serena is in her fourth year at Western University pursuing her degree in Media, Information and Technoculture. She is passionate about digital marketing and advertising. Serena has always found an interest in marketing due to its creative nature and uses blogging as a form of expression. Serena enjoys spending time with friends and family, baking goodies, attending live concerts, and curling up with a good book.

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