Meet Your Marketing Team

Each member of our team has years of experience and are experts in their specialty. They are part of ProudMouth because they believe in simple. Simple means affordable, intriguing, sustainable, fun, and effective.

Founder | Influence & Relationship Accelerator

Kirk Lowe

Kirk Lowe is the co-founder and CEO of ProudMouth.

He and his team are influence and relationship accelerators. Everything they do is built around the power of podcasting and helping people who compete in the expertise economy to own their specific expertise, with their specific audience, and in their specific region. 

Kirk has been a thought leader in branding, content marketing and digital marketing for 20+ years. He generously shares his ideas and experiences through his podcast, blog, papers, webinars, courses and has been published across the industry.

A black and white photo of Matt Halloran from the waist up, holding a trophy. He's wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt. He's grinning widely and has a white beard.
Partner | Podcasting Expert

Matt Halloran

A former business and life coach to top advisors, Matt has helped 5,000+ advisors understand how to create trust and build rapport with prospects they haven’t even met yet. 

He has studied the way people communicate for over 20 years, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal as a digital communication expert, and wrote “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors” –– the first social media book dedicated to financial services. He has now combined his extensive knowledge and expertise in business and coaching with one of his passions: podcasting. 

Matt has hosted and been on 1,000+ podcasts. He’s also the host of ProudMouth’s podcasts, the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, where he shares marketing strategies tailored for advisors and connects with top industry leaders.

Marketing editor & coordinator

Jessica Brown

Jessica has always had a passion for the written word. In her early years, while the other kids were playing foursquare at recess, you could find Jessica either reading or writing. After school, Jessica would lean against the brick wall rereading books – often narrated by another of her passions, dogs.

Her love for stories evolved through her schooling and career in journalism. Jessica is in good company at ProudMouth– a marketing team with storytelling in its DNA.

Jessica helps financial advisors engage with their online audience in meaningful and genuine ways. She believes that when financial advisors tell stories about their brands, their audience can connect with them on a human level. Only then can financial advisors use social media to its utmost potential: to build and strengthen relationships.

Jessica has a Masters of Journalism and Communications degree. She is a fan of dogs, libraries, and chocolate cake.

Sales Assistant

Jennifer Chandler

Jen is recently retired from the Canadian Forces after spending over 25 years helping soldiers and their families as a financial services administrator. Although she has two big dogs that help her to never feel alone, Jen missed the feeling of working with people and being able to help people. So she returned to the workforce by joining our team.

Now that Jen is an empty nester, she plans to spend her off-duty time traveling through Ontario with her husband to watch their daughter play soccer at the university level. Jen also enjoys camping with her family (well, it’s more like “glamping” but she still gets mosquito bites and cooks over an open flame, so it counts!).


Jennifer Thom

Jennifer brings many years of experience in working with small to medium-size businesses. Her skills range from accounting, customer support, account relationship management, vendor management, pre-planning and purchasing, reporting and analysis of trends. Jennifer is looking forward to bringing her years of experience to her new role with ProudMouth.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, painting and soccer (spectating not playing).

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Client Success Team


Sergio Martinez Kowalski

Sergio is a seasoned Client Success Manager with over 7 years of experience across diverse industries, including Property Management, Higher Education, Alcoholic Beverages, Advertising Agencies, and Retail. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, specializing in Marketing and Advertising. He has a strong passion for ensuring that clients feel taken care of and valued, which is evident in his commitment to building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional service.

Sergio’s broad industry experience and multilingual skills allow him to connect with a wide range of clients and understand their unique needs. His dedication to client success is matched by his enthusiasm for continuous learning and professional growth.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Sergio moved to Kingston, Ontario over 8 years ago. Sergio is fluent in Spanish and English, and is currently learning Portuguese.

Outside of work, Sergio enjoys playing soccer, doing CrossFit, and spending quality time with his wife, daughter, and their pug, Paco. He believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and brings this philosophy into his approach to client management and team collaboration.


Disha Melwani

Disha is a multimedia journalist with a strong interest in communication, social media, digital journalism, writing, and photography. With a degree in Communication & Digital Media Studies, she’s highly skilled in the communication and marketing field.

Born in Santiago, Chile, with a strong Indian background, Disha speaks Spanish and English and knows two other Indian languages. She has completed several internships in the journalism and communication industry in Canada and Chile.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, and exploring new places. In her free time, you will find her catching sunsets, writing, watching movies/shows, listening to music, and going shopping.

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Chris Leveck

Chris grew up sitting around the kitchen table listening to his family tell stories – and believes this is what started his love of storytelling very early on.

Chris is a recent graduate of Advertising and Marketing Communications with over 10 years of experience in team-building and client relations. This has given Chris a deep understanding of what people need and how to listen attentively. Chris loves creating an atmosphere or connection where others feel comfortable sharing.

When Chris is not sharing stories about his life or helping others tell theirs, he loves spending time with his family and friends and sharing a laugh.

Client Success Coordinator

Diane Morris

Diane is a Mama of 2 boys and a lover of country music and peanut butter (ever had it on a burger?) She lives in a small town just 15 minutes from Lake Erie which allows for spur-of-the-moment trips out on the boat for a cruise or to try her luck at snagging a big one! Her husband, whom she’s known since she was 15, teases that “it isn’t really fishing if you don’t hook your own worm.” What do you think? Is it the action or the result?
Although she has a diploma in Advertising & Communications, and a post-grad certificate in Event Management, she credits most of her success to her inherent talent of logistical thinking. Her ability to solve problems quickly while remaining organized enabled her to own and operate a successful Wedding Planning business for six years. 
Diane has a knack for creativity when it comes to marketing, sales, promotions, and when giving gifts. She loves giving themed gifts! She admires and respects businesses that make customer service a top priority. I’m sure Disney is the first that came to mind, and for good reason! She tries her best to add a human element to her daily communications with clients and refers back to what she learned at a workshop hosted by the Disney Institute. She believes that if we all strived to make each interaction a positive one, Disney wouldn’t be the only “happiest place on earth.” It’s all about the details and the little wins!

Client Success Coordinator

Julie Henderson

Fueled by a thirst for life and its ever-changing landscape, Julie brings a spark of creativity, passion and energy into every room she enters (even virtual!). She holds a diverse background in the Financial Services Industry and the SaaS Industry where she has over 10 years’ experience in leadership, coaching, client relations, business development and marketing. She graduated from highly accredited British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where she holds a degree in Marketing Management.

Empowering those she works with to achieve their goals is something that comes naturally to Julie. She loves to be a part of the creative process and reflect on the results achieved by her clients. The desire to understand, think outside the box, and empathize with others are her superpowers.

In her leisure time, Julie loves to read psychological thrillers, listen to podcasts and audiobooks on personal development, practice yoga, play the guitar, and explore the beaches and trails of beautiful Muskoka where she lives. She is an active member in the community, volunteering for local non-profits such as OSPCA and Big Brothers

Client success coordinator

Jack Hall

Having been attached to DVDs and VHS tapes since childhood, Jack has been passionate about film for as long as his memory serves. He graduated from the Bachelor of Film & Television program at Sheridan College in 2019 and has been pursuing his calling in writing and creative storytelling ever since.
Through a multitude of jobs that have required one-on-one interactions with all walks of life, Jack finds that his strength is in his compassion for others, as well as a steadfast and honest objectivity towards each and every new situation that comes his way.
When he isn’t working, you can find Jack at the movie theatre, the gym, or catching live music whenever he can.

Client success coordinator

Richard Neves

Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Richard is a digital marketing specialist with several years of experience in content marketing, communications, client relations, project management, and more. He has a diploma in Advertising & Communications, and a post-grad certificate in Digital Marketing, both from St.Lawrence College, and credits much of his success to his strong organizational skills and positive attitude. 

Richard’s career started in customer service and has taken him into sales, events, sports marketing, and project management. Richard’s experience in client relations and working on various teams has enabled him to gain an understanding of what clients need, what team members need, and how to help reach their goals. Richard approaches every situation with a smile and a can-do attitude. 

During his free time, Richard is a self proclaimed podcast junkie, spending most of his free time catching up on his viewing and listening to a variety of podcasts. He also co-produces his own podcast and YouTube channel with several friends. Richard is an avid sports fan, but asks that you don’t judge his choice of teams he supports too harshly.

CLIENT SUCCESS Content Creator

Jay Saspara

Jay has graduated from the B-Comm. program at Ontario Tech University, pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing. Jay plans on continuing his studies and earning his CFA designation.  In the long term, Jay wants to become an entrepreneur and start a business of his own.

Jay enjoys spending time with friends, going to the gym, binging on Netflix, listening to music, and watching and playing cricket.


Kristin DiCintio

Kristin is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, majoring in the Professional Writing and Communications, and Communications, Culture, Information and Technology programs. Before graduating, she wrote and published a book of funny short stories about her time working in customer service, titled Store 458. Kristin’s passion for storytelling stretches beyond writing stories to creating content optimized for search engines to tell brands’ stories.

When she’s not writing content, Kristin enjoys watching action-comedy TV series, trying new recipes, photographing architecture, and playing video games with friends in her spare time.


Emily Ingham

From an early age, Emily had her nose in one book or another, spending equal amounts of time at school and in the library. No matter where she goes, she always keeps a book on hand. Her love of reading developed into a love for writing and telling stories.

Starting out in retail, she has seen it all and then some. She believes in working hard to get where you want to go. Always eager to learn something new, she is currently bilingual but wanting to expand her knowledge.

At the end of the day, Emily likes to curl up with a cup of white hot chocolate and a good book to settle in for the night.


Dylan Devaux

Dylan is a marketing enthusiast. He’s enrolled in the Business Marketing Administration program at Durham College. He’s currently doing his school’s co-op program with ProudMouth. Prior to school, he had some social media and hands-on experience from a small business he worked for in St. Lucia. Dylan enjoys meeting new people and loves to create meaningful experiences and memories. He loves to learn and is constantly trying to improve himself to become a better version.

In his free time, Dylan likes to hang out with friends and especially get his adrenaline rushing. Three things that he loves are water sports, playing squash, and traveling.


Mariel Hall

Mariel is currently in the Media, Information, and Technoculture program at Western University, which is allowing her to experience the business side of creative organizations like ProudMouth. During her spare time, she enjoys shopping, watching different genres of films, going out for dinner with her friends, and grabbing coffee whenever possible! Working in retail for the past five years has allowed Mariel to expand her knowledge in marketing, sales, and customer service, and she plans to use those skills throughout the rest of her career.


Sharun Melwani

Sharun is currently in his third year of the Bachelor of Commerce program at Seneca College. Born in Santiago, Chile, Sharun speaks Spanish and English and also communicates in two other Indian languages. He has previously worked in retail, which has helped him understand and find what clients and customers truly need. Sharun currently manages part of his family’s real estate business. Working at ProudMouth, will allow him to explore the financial industry, developing a strong interest in current and important market trends. 

Sharun likes to spend his free time with his friends, playing sports, or in any other activity where he can have new experiences that can contribute to learning and developing new skills.

Client Success Content Creator

Jason Barwegen

Jason is a digital marketing enthusiast that brings a unique blend of creativity and mindfulness to his work. He believes in the power of good food and regular exercise to nourish not just the body, but also the mind and soul. Endlessly curious, Jason loves to explore new trails, dive into the latest books, and embrace mindfulness practices – all fueling his continuous wellness journey.

A true bookworm at heart, Jason is always expanding his knowledge and staying up-to-date on the latest trends in content creation and digital marketing. His hunger for learning is a clear sign of his dedication to both personal and professional development.

Jason believes that a clear, focused mind is the key to effective creativity. His personal practices of mindful living allow him to stay grounded, centered, and ready to deliver exceptional content. And when it comes to unwinding and gathering inspiration? Nothing beats a glass of red wine and a perfectly grilled rib steak for Jason.

Client Success Content Creator

Liam Halliday

Liam began his marketing journey differently than most. With no prior interest in marketing or content creation, he chose the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence College because it was first on the list. Although it was a shot in the dark, he quickly came to appreciate the work and grew most fond of creating impactful and eye-capturing content he was proud to have his name behind. 

Since graduating college, he has worked with various marketing agencies from small to large providing marketing support for local businesses and across North America. 

In his spare time, you will find Liam spending time with his friends, listening to podcasts, and watching football on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays… He loves football.


Patrice Sikora

I love words and have worked in radio news for more than 40 years (the average lifespan of a cockatoo). While most of that time has been focused on financial and consumer reporting, I have also hosted continuing education telecasts for medical personnel including nurses and doctors. There was even a stint teaching environmental
education in the middle of a swamp. A Master’s degree in Geography covers science and social issues…not just “where” something might be, but “how” it works and “why.” It is a wonderful background for a journalist.


Wendy McConnell

I’ve worked in radio broadcasting for over 25 years doing everything from news to traffic to morning co-hosting duties.

I started my own business (glad that BA in business is finally paying off!) and podcast in 2019 so I know the challenges you may be facing. I’m here to help you get through it from start to finish.

When not in the podcast studio you can find me on the nearest Pickleball court. Yes, it’s everything you’ve heard and more!


Bill Tucker

My media journey began in a small FM Radio station in Texas, and it’s lead me here!

My experience is vast in the world of media including, a television news producer, (George Foster Peabody winner),  a television news reporter (Emmy award winner and three-time nominee)

As a news executive, I co-lead the team which built and launched television’s first digital network, CNNfn, blogged on energy for, interviewed CEOs for the NASDAQ CEO Signature Series, hosted radio shows on religion, faith, and on business

My experience does not end there, I have written for print media, served as executive producer and host for network shows, and created stories for social media posts that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views

I currently produce, write, edit, and track audio stories, and help you become an incredible podcaster!


RJ Malyk

RJ has worked in radio for over 35 years, up and down the east coast of the U.S. He has also DJ’d on music stations, hosted talk shows, anchored sports reports on news and sports stations, sold advertising for stations, and was program director at several stations.

RJ has and continues to write and provide voice-overs for commercials. He has done over 40 radio station commercials throughout the U.S. and has narrated over 40 audiobooks.

In his free time, RJ likes walking along the Jersey Shore with his wife, messing around producing music, playing golf, and cooking.

Project Manager - Podblast collection

Kaila Hamawi

Kaila is in her second year of the Commerce Co-op program at Dalhousie University.

Kaila’s interest in marketing began through her courses at school when she discovered the creative side of marketing. She gained experience in creating content and designing presentations, which put her creative skills to the test and triggered her path to help create more inspiring and memorable marketing content to help spread awareness to others.

She is excited to dive deeper into the marketing side of the business and expand her knowledge while working at ProudMouth. Kaila has a strong love for music; She enjoys playing the guitar and the piano. In Kaila’s spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with friends.



Christian Lowe

Christian is a student at the University of Toronto with 5 years of social media marketing experience. He has studied trends in marketing and business from a young age.

Christian enjoys solving complex problems in a timely manner, and always finds new and creative ways to improve whatever he’s working on.

Outside of work and school, Christian enjoys playing baseball and hockey, producing and writing music, as well as maintaining his own online social media business.

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