How to Help Your Client’s Adult Kids Figure Out Their Financial Future With Brian Ursu (Ep. 465)

Millennials and Gen Zs are often left wondering “Now what?” after receiving their first big paycheck or a windfall of money. 

How can we empower younger generations to make confident and smart financial decisions?

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we’re re-releasing this special conversation between Matt Halloran and Brian Ursu, president of Intentional Wealth Advisors and the author of the aptly titled book, “Now What? A Practical Guide to Figuring Out Your Financial Future.” Recognizing that many people, including younger generations, lack financial knowledge, this book bridges that gap with practical advice for readers of all ages dealing with fiscal change.

Brian talks about how he wrote the book, who it’s for, and how his clients are using this book as a lifeline for teaching adult kids about money. Brian also explains how family meetings can play a role in positioning you as a family advisor for your clients’ children. 

Matt and Brian Discuss:

  • Why adult children are more likely to take financial advice from a book rather than from their parents (sorry!)
  • An easy script for introducing your children to your advisor as someone who can help
  • How family advisors can impact their clients’ adult children’s financial literacy
  • Ideas on how to organize productive family meetings
  • Brian’s advice for advisors who want to maintain multigenerational relationships with their clients and their families
  • And more!

“Millennials and Gen Z are such dynamic generations with so much promise. They’re going to do things differently than previous generations, but they’re not financially literate through no fault of their own. Nobody taught them this, and they need to be empowered to move forward.”

~Brian Ursu


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About Our Guest:

Brian M. Ursu, CFP has helped clients meet their financial goals for more than 30 years. He has worked in large financial institutions, at a major wire-house brokerage firm, and now in his own wealth-management firm. His focus is on education as well as client service.

Brian is a certified financial planner (CFP) advising on investments, retirement plans, estate and tax planning, insurance, and legacy planning. Brian also holds a general securities license, a general securities principal license, life and health insurance licenses, and is registered in fourteen states.

He lives in Northern Lower Michigan near the bayside community of Traverse City. He and his wife of 30 years have raised five children, three of whom are now adults living independently. These three are the motivation for this book & his sharing of the lessons he learned about achieving financial security.

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