Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Videos With Katie Braden (Ep. 395)

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Is it really possible for advisors to easily record, edit, and share videos? 

The answer is yes!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Katie Braden about easy ways to create high-quality videos that attract ideal clients and deepen existing relationships – even if you’re a total beginner. You will get Katie’s pro tips, including how to frame yourself correctly (goodbye, ceiling shots!), how to emulate an in-person conversation, and how to use what you already have to shoot memorable, trust-building videos.

Katie discusses:

  • Why your audience is psychologically drawn to this medium
  • The biggest, most distracting mistakes advisors make on video and in virtual meetings — and what to do instead
  • Ways for advisors to easily get started (plus, a step-by-step guide to shooting your first video)
  • Why you don’t need to spend thousands on equipment to create high-quality content
  • What’s included in her PodRocket Academy course, “Easily and authentically grow with video
  • And more


  • Katie’s new course, “Easily and authentically grow with video” – For instant access, become an Intermediate or Advanced member of PodRocket Academy 
  • Visit Restream to claim your exclusive offer!
  • Loom

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About Our Guest:

Katie is bullish on the power of authentic video to change the public perception of financial advice and financial planning. A former practitioner herself, she loves working with financial advisors to help them improve their virtual meeting setup, build confidence on camera and use video to grow their brand, attract more of their ideal clients and better communicate with their existing clients.


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