You Can Make Financial Planning Easy and Fun for Clients –– Here’s How! With Reese Harper (Ep. 394)

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Wealthy or not, every client has the same question:  “Am I going to be okay?”

Monte Carlo simulations and flow charts don’t reassure clients. They don’t connect the dots. That’s because these tools were built for advisors – they were never meant for clients.  

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Reese Harper, CEO of Elements. Reese discusses his client-centric mobile app that makes financial planning an easy and –– dare we say –– a fun experience for your clients. You will find out how this app helps clients answer their ultimate question while positioning you as their go-to expert.

Reese discusses:

    • What it will take for the financial industry to earn more trust from prospects and clients
    • The psychological technique Elements uses to motivate clients to update their financial data and ask important questions
    • How to make it ridiculously easy to onboard new clients –– without giving them boring, time-consuming homework ever again 
    • Overlooked benefits of expanding your target market beyond the top 1%
    • And more


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About Our Guest:

In 2007, Reese Harper founded Dentist Advisors to help dentists make smart decisions with their money and achieve financial independence. Since then he has consulted with dentists across the country to help them reach their personal and business financial goals using a scientific, data-driven decision-making methodology and technology he developed called Elements®.

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