What Most Advisors Are Missing in Their Business Development Plan With Kim Skermer (Ep. 345)

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Are you struggling with building and implementing a long-term business development plan?

Perhaps it’s missing some key elements.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Kim (Kimberly) Skermer, coach and founder at The Approach Coaching Method. Kim is here to help you identify what’s missing in your business development plan and authentically map out your business growth.

Kim discusses:

  • The “two lives” that most advisors experience during their career
  • Meaningful insights from 100 interviews with women in financial services
  • Opportunities that most broker dealers and distributors are missing out on
  • How to identify your strategic intent through small, actionable steps
  • The power of “Know your scripts, master the situation”
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

More and more advisors crave REAL and CLEAR conversations around normalizing the true efforts it takes to be a business owner.  This knowledge has led Kim Skermer’s transition of coaching from a Sr. Executive Management level down the path of founder & coach of The Approach Coaching Method. Mentoring hundreds, training small business teams, facilitating numerous seminars, speaking engagements, and surpassing over 24,000 professional coaching hours, the foundation for The Approach Coaching Method is simple — timing, preparation, process, and uncovering your personalized perspective.


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