The Ultimate Inspiration To Share Your Story & Adopt an Abundance Mindset With Kim Skermer (Ep. 423)

When you dare to show who you are and operate from an abundance mindset, new opportunities have a way of showing up. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran welcomes back Kim Skermer, coach and founder at The Approach Coaching Method. After her last appearance on our show, Kim received so many messages that her LinkedIn inbox literally broke. Now, Kim is sharing the (perhaps) unexpected reason her episode resonated so strongly. You’re about to discover how your business and life can change when you stand in your authority, scale the unscalable, tell your story, and share your expertise for free — even with your competition. 

Kim discusses:

  • A major sign that you’re struggling to stand in your niche, expertise and authority (and how to tweak this in your marketing now)
  • Why business development gets easier when you have a clear message
  • The biggest hurdles advisors need to overcome to successfully grow their practice
  • The power of making yourself vulnerable in an industry that wants to stay private
  • And more


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About Kim Skermer:

Kim Skermer’s experiences frame the wisdom needed to be the respected Coach she is today. More and more, financial professionals crave REAL and CLEAR conversations around normalizing the true efforts it takes to be a business owner. 

It is her earned respected point of view that has gifted her with the honor of mentoring hundreds, training small business teams, facilitating numerous seminars, speaking engagements, and surpassing over 25,000 professional Coaching hours. Timing, preparation, process, and uncovering your personalized perspective — this is the foundation of The Approach Coaching Method and her trademark of Beyond the Product. 

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