Powerful Relationship-Building Tactics From Our Client Success Manager Alison Friedel (Ep. 379)

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What does client success look like?

How can your marketing help connect with clients and prospects?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Alison Friedel, ProudMouth’s client success manager. Join them as they discuss ways to speed up your clients’ success and build lasting relationships.

Alison discusses:

  • The admittedly terrifying –– but most accurate way –– to define success for your clients
  • Three podcasting strategies that are bringing our advisors the most success
  • What drives engagement on social media (but advisors are shy to do it)
  • How to make your podcast entertaining so people choose it over things like Netflix
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Having over 20 years in all types of customer experiences, from insurance, furniture sales, retail and the beauty industry, Alison Friedel dedicates herself 100% to ensuring client satisfaction. She has never shied away from learning new skills and prides herself in her desire to learn more in each role she has accepted. She has been instrumental in many client building projects and the promotion of fellow leaders.

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