How Your Practice Can Play a Bigger Role in Mentorships With Kellan Brown (Ep. 405)


If we’re lucky, we’ve had help from a trusted guide at some point. A mentor who’s helped us become the person and professional we are today.

Now, are you thinking about paying it forward through your practice? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Kellan Brown, the vice president of strategic partnerships for Finance of America Reverse (FAR), about how businesses can support the next generation through mentorship. She also reveals why FAR, a reverse mortgage company, rose up to become a beloved brand and what qualities to look for in a strategic partner. 

Kellan discusses:

  • What drives her passion behind mentorships
  • How she makes influencer decisions to further the brand
  • How companies can benefit from mentorship programs
  • The role of influencers and mentors as both teachers and listeners
  • And more


Connect With Kellan Brown:

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About Our Guest:

Kellan Brown is the Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships for Finance of America Reverse and runs the Retirement Strategies Division with a mission to bring home equity into the financial planning process. 

She sits on the board of directors for the FinServ Foundation where their mission is to empower the next generation of financial professionals through coaching, mentorship, and community.  Kellan is the women’s lead for Finance of America’s enterprise DEI&B initiative, and she chairs the Mentorship committee across all Finance of America companies.

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