Don’t Be Afraid to Niche: How To Build Your Practice by Narrowing Down With Darren Wurz (Ep. 406)


Like most advisors, Darren Wurz was a little scared to focus on a niche. But now? He’s encouraging you to drill down on who exactly you want to serve. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to our client Darren Wurz, who is also the co-owner of Wurz Financial Services and host of “The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast.” Darren gets candid about how he came around to pursuing lawyers as his niche, his best advice for reaching your specific audience through a book and digital marketing, and why niching doesn’t have to be a switch-flip — you can take it slow! 

Darren discusses:

  • His exact marketing moves to start attracting lawyers
  • How he encouraged the American Bar Association to publish his book, even after they turned down the first proposal
  • His trick to overcoming the hardest part of podcasting: “getting it done!”
  • How niche marketing is creating growth within his business
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Darren Wurz is a fee-only financial advisor and co-owner of Wurz Financial Services, a family business he runs with his dad and brother. Darren has developed an expertise in the unique financial planning needs of those in the legal profession, and he now specializes in serving attorneys and law firm owners. His mission is to help his clients achieve financial independence as they define it. He is the host of The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast and author of “The Lawyer Millionaire,” published by the American Bar Association.

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