How to Protect Your Client’s Digital Assets (Money and Memories!) With Betsy Ehrenberg (Ep. 364)

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In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Betsy Ehrenberg. She’s the CEO and founder of Legacy Concierge, a fintech firm that protects a person’s wealth and digital assets –– emails, videos, playlists, etc. –– after they’ve passed away. Betsy shares how you can help your clients store financial records securely and preserve their memories — making life easier for future generations.

Betsy discusses:

  • How to incorporate Legacy Concierge’s LOCKYT Services into your client experience
  • The best way to position legacy vaults to clients and prospects
  • Top tips to build relationships with your clients’ adult children
  • How legacy vaults help strengthen relationships with CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Betsy L. Ehrenberg is CEO and founder of Legacy Concierge, a financial-technology firm that protects wealth after a person passes away. She advises clients on a broad range of security protection options for their portfolio of digital and tangible assets.  Her LOCKYT service locates and secures financial and insurance accounts, preserves photos, videos, and email records, and removes accounts from social media and phone apps. The Legacy Vault organizes digital asset records in the cloud for an annual fee and its contents can be shared with family, attorneys, and other professional advisors.

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