How To Integrate Different Media Into a Powerful Marketing Machine With David Pulcini Jr. (Ep. 355)

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Podcasts, emails, videos, blogs, white papers…

They may not be that effective as standalone media.

But if you can integrate them to run smoothly like cogs in a machine, you’ll realize their true marketing prowess!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to David Pulcini Jr., RICP®, CFP®, managing partner at SixPoint Financial Partners and a client of ProudMouth. David reveals how he has integrated his marketing strategies to build credibility, improve client communication, and attract prospects and clients.

David discusses:

  • How he efficiently delivers his marketing messages using a service calendar
  • His move from hard selling to building a marketing ecosystem that sells itself
  • How he tapped into a regionally-specific niche (His podcast his called Dear Rochester, Retire Well)
  • Where to begin if you have little-to-no marketing experience
  • And more


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About David Pulcini Jr:

David Pulcini Jr. enjoys meeting new people wherever they are on their financial journey to guide them towards making positive financial decisions. He uses his experience in investment management, tax planning, and insurance to help clients protect what they have and grow what they need. Most of all, David loves working with the clients that he has. He takes his role as an advisor very seriously, but he really wants to enjoy the process as much as possible. Outside of work, you can find him spending time at home with his wife and two children.


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