How to Earn the Right Podcast Appearances — and Truly Deliver! With Chloé Moore (Ep. 453)

Anyone can be a guest on other people’s podcasts. But not everyone is a great guest or appears on the right podcasts. 

But that’s a skill set that can be learned. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Chloé Moore — financial advisor and co-founder of Financial Staples.  With a track record of hosting and being a guest on loads of podcasts — in addition to being named one of Investopedia’s 100 Top Financial Advisors in each of the last four years — Chloé’s got the lowdown on not just earning podcast spots, but also making sure she’s delivering a worthwhile experience for listeners. Now, you’re about to discover how she naturally attracts podcast invites that build credibility, audience, and community. 

Matt and Chloé discuss:

  • Understanding the different motivations for being a guest beyond just growing your business (think building credibility, expertise, and community)
  • Strategies for getting asked to be on podcasts
  • Tips for preparing for a podcast interview, including knowing the audience, reviewing questions in advance, and having pre-game rituals
  • Questions to ask yourself before accepting an invitation to appear
  • Why hyping up your guest is mutually beneficial  
  • And more

But as far as getting on a podcast…you really need to think about ‘What’s the purpose?’” ~Chloé Moore


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About Chloé Moore:

Chloé Moore is the Founder of Financial Staples, a virtual, fee-only financial planning firm based in Atlanta, GA and serving clients nationwide. Her firm is dedicated to serving tech employees who are entrepreneurial-minded, philanthropic, and purpose-driven. Chloe believes that money is an emotional topic and it impacts many aspects of our lives. She enjoys helping clients unpack their money history and discover how they can use money to support a life that is most meaningful to them.

Prior to launching Financial Staples, Chloe advised high net worth individuals and families at a southeastern-based independent trust company. She is a regular contributor to Business Insider and has been featured in Financial Advisor, Wealth Management, NerdWallet, US News & World Report, and many more.

In addition to promoting financial literacy through speaking, writing, and volunteering, Chloe also focuses on the cultivation of female and minority financial planners. She launched the BLatinX Internship Program (BLX) in 2020 with three colleagues. The program provides paid internship opportunities to aspiring Black and Latinx financial planners. Through her leadership, contribution, and volunteerism within the financial services industry, Chloe has been recognized as one of Investment News Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2017, Financial Advisor Magazine’s 10 Young Advisors to Watch in 2021, and Investopedia’s 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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