343. The Ultimate Niche Marketing Guide: Never Hesitate To Pick a Niche Again With Russ Thornton

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Myth: If you pick a niche, you’ll reduce your number of potential clients.

Reality: Picking a niche fine-tunes your messaging and attracts ideal clients!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Russ Thornton of Wealthcare Capital Management. During his 25 years of managing wealth, Russ has found tremendous success by picking a specific niche. Russ explains how niche marketing is a game-changer for advisors — with improved branding, more referrals, increased client retention, and several more underrated benefits.

Russ discusses:

  • How he homed in on a specific niche (retirement planning for women)
  • Tips to build a digital presence that immediately resonates with your niche
  • How he amplifies his voice through podcasting — committing only two hours per month
  • Why picking a niche is beneficial for your overall marketing strategy
  • The switch to a niche: What does the process look like?
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Russ Thornton has been managing wealth for 25+ years and has helped countless women get ready for retirement, care for their families, build wealth — and most importantly, live great lives. Russ’ mother went through a divorce. Despite being a smart and hard-working woman, the divorce led to significant financial challenges. For example, she was forced to declare personal bankruptcy. What she needed was someone in her corner to help her navigate financial uncertainty and look out for her best interests. So, Russ is devoted to becoming a champion for women like his mother. That’s why he started Wealthcare for Women: to empower you to make financial decisions that enable you to live a great life — without having to worry about money.

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