331. 3 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast With Any Number of Downloads!

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The podcast industry is obsessed with monetization. And we get it! Most podcasters want their shows to generate revenue. But are high downloads the only way to do it? 

Join Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe as they flip podcast monetization on its head. Stop chasing pie-in-the-sky download numbers and start using your podcast to monetize your products and services! Drawing on the latest industry stats and success stories from our team and clients, they share three ways to monetize your business with your podcast. 

Matt and Kirk discuss:

  • Why it’s “basically useless,” in Kirk’s words, to pursue how the podcast industry talks about monetization
  • How to use a podcast to accelerate your business growth
  • What it means to achieve success with a podcast (and how long it usually takes)
  • The overlooked role that podcasting plays in client retention
  • And more


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