46. Don’t Just Find Your Purpose, Live It! With Damien Horne

Identifying your purpose is a big step toward leading a fulfilled life. But what’s even more important? *Living* your purpose every day!

In this episode, Matt Halloran welcomes, for the first time ever, a musician on the podcast! Damien Horne, who is an international recording artist, a two-time TedX speaker, and a motivational speaker, is here to help you find your calling and live it, creating positive impact along the way.

Damien discusses:

  • Three pivotal factors that helped him get past an extremely difficult early life
  • How he gained the confidence to share his music and purpose with the world
  • How to overcome darkness and radiate positivity (he sings one of his originals!)
  • Why your purpose can be super simple, yet highly impactful
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Damien Horne is an International Recording Artist Based in Nashville, TN. In addition to being a two-time TedX Speaker, Damien is a hit-song writer, actor, TV host, motivational speaker, and  course creator. His mission is to spread “The Good News” and “Good Vibes.

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