44. Publish Your Story To Inspire the World With Carolyn Flower


A lot of people don’t share their story with the world because they don’t believe their story matters.

But it does! Get ready to share your extraordinary story and inspire others.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Carolyn Flower, founder and CEO of Oxygen Publishing Agency. Carolyn explains how you can easily become an author, articulate your life story, and publish your book — even if you have never written a book before!

Carolyn discusses:

  • Why it’s so important to believe in your story
  • Why writers’ block is a myth (and what to do when you feel stuck)
  • The journey of personal growth and development involved in writing a book
  • How to achieve the discipline it takes to write a book
  • And more


Connect With Carolyn Flower:

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About Our Guest:

Carolyn Flower combines literary and promotional expertise with personal growth principles into her 27-year creative entrepreneurial practice. For many years, her business focused primarily on promotion and publicity to bring the stories of her clients to life. She has published dozens of books for her clients and looks forward to the “next gen” of books that will be published under the Oxygen brand. Carolyn passionately builds belief in others and guides them to identify their vision, connect to its significance, and unfold their talent to move boldly and confidently toward achieving their goals by tapping into their creative faculties.


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