38. The Difference Between Living and Feeling Alive: Finding Harmony and Happiness With Louise Budgen

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Or maybe it feels like your life is moving on autopilot, and you just don’t feel alive anymore.

Either way, our guest is sharing her bold and unbelievable story to help you find your harmony and happiness!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Louise Budgen, an Extraordinary Life Success coach and two-time cancer survivor. Louise reveals the secret to feeling spiritually connected with the self, which she finally unlocked at age 50. Nature, self-care, purpose, big dreams, and BEING –– Louise covers it all!

Louise discusses:

  • Why doing an honesty audit is the first step to healing
  • How the power of trust can get you through the darkest phases of life
  • How to find soul whispers to guide you when you’re feeling stuck or lost
  • Tips especially for women who want to start living their best life
  • And more


Connect With Louise Budgen:

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About Our Guest:

Louise Budgen retrained as a Life Coach at 50, is a twice cancer thriver, and now serving women in the way she knows is the only place to serve from. Her programmes are designed from first-hand experience and spiritual connection. Being pushed out of the spiritual closet by joining a business coaching accelerator programme in the USA early in 2021 and realising she was different, Louise is now standing in her power as an intuitive spiritual coach and helping women get connected, perhaps for the first time in their life. Connected to themselves, nature, self-care, purpose, big dreams and BEING!


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