Stop Guessing: Craft a Winning Content Strategy By Surveying Your Clients With Hillary Gale Meehan(Ep. 473)

You know you need a content strategy. But where do you begin? 

In this episode of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, host Matt Halloran talks with marketing expert Hillary Gale Meehan about her distinctive approach to content marketing for financial advisors. Hillary’s strategy centers on understanding the needs and preferences of your ideal clients. In this conversation, discover why she advocates for beginning with a client survey to gather valuable data on content consumption habits, financial concerns, and what they value in a financial advisor.

Matt and Hillary discuss:

  • How to create an ideal client profile and develop a targeted content strategy that resonates with your audience
  • The importance of building an owned audience through email lists 
  • How to use social media to drive potential clients to valuable resources, such as ebooks and webinars
  • The power of having a structured marketing funnel that nurtures leads through a series of trust-building steps
  • Why overwhelming potential clients with a premature request for a significant commitment is the kiss of death
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Hillary Gale Meehan, founder and CEO of Moneta Copy, is a content strategist and copywriter for financial services professionals. She has been featured in MarketWatch, Wealthtender, and Clever Girl Finance, and is the host of The Finance Marketing Podcast, a show that spotlights in-depth conversations on marketing with financial professionals and finance marketing experts. 

You can catch her on LinkedIn most weekdays sharing marketing insights and ideas specifically for financial services pros.

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