How to Deepen Client Relationships and Help Families Thrive with Tim Volk (Ep 472)

Are the ultra-wealthy just like the rest of us? Depends on whom you ask. 

How can financial advisors better serve their clients by addressing the human element of wealth, particularly within ultra-high-net-worth families? They listen to Tim Volk. 

In this special Pride Month episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Tim Volk – host of The Rainbow Bull podcast, and a financial consultant with experience working with ultra-high-net-worth families – to discuss helping them navigate the human side of wealth, including intergenerational wealth transfer and family dynamics. 

While affluent families often encounter similar problems to other families, the stakes are typically higher, and the dynamics more complex. This is where Tim’s expertise lies — he facilitates crucial conversations within families, addressing sensitive topics that many shy away from, including inheritance concerns stemming from differing lifestyles, religious beliefs, addiction, and mental health challenges.

Tim discusses:

  • The often overlooked human element in wealth management, such as family dynamics, communication challenges, and sensitive topics like addiction and estrangement that impact financial well-being
  • How his consulting practice helps advisors navigate these sensitive conversations and provide additional support to clients beyond traditional financial planning
  • The significance of storytelling in understanding family history, values, and dynamics, which can be crucial in wealth transitions and legacy planning
  • The importance of advisors being equipped to handle sensitive conversations around LGBTQ+ issues and inclusion, promoting acceptance and understanding to support all families
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Tim Volk – an entrepreneurial professional with a robust network and exceptional interpersonal skills – excels in wealth management, real estate, mortgage banking, and insurance. As the Founder and Principal of T.Volk & Company, he specializes in advising families and their consultants on wealth-related human issues.

Tim also founded Teton Tack & Feed, an award-winning real estate development firm, and led Axiom Insurance Solutions, enhancing client services and establishing a new RIA practice. His strategic expansions at BMO Harris myCFO and PNC Bank earned him top accolades.

Tim’s community involvement spans over 25 years with numerous non-profit boards. He holds a CFP designation, an MBA from Lesley University, and a Bachelor’s in Finance from Oregon State University. Tim and his husband reside in Chicago.

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