Episode 292 – Thinking About Podcasting? Here’s What It’s Like To Podcast With ProudMouth –– With Malcolm Ethridge

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast and using one of our services to make it happen, this episode is for you! 

You’re about to discover what the client onboarding process is all about.  In other words, what happens after you say yes to podcasting with ProudMouth!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to one of our clients, Malcolm Ethridge. Malcolm is a financial advisor at CIC Wealth and the host of The Tech Money Podcast. Malcolm shares what it was like for him to start his podcast with us, and he dives into what has made his podcast a success that’s led to one-meeting closes.

You will learn:

  • What it was like for Malcolm to work with our team on setting up his podcast
  • Ways in which podcasting makes a “one-meeting close” possible for advisors
  • The difference between a unique selling point and a mere feature
  • How to overcome the fear of claiming a niche listenership
  • The long-term ROI breakdown of podcasting
  • Why Malcolm decided to completely outsource the production of his podcast
  • And more!

Press play to learn what you can expect if you podcast with ProudMouth!

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