Episode 290 – Little Things That Make Your Brand Unforgettable –– With Sheri Fitts

A coffee mug on your desk, the color of your walls, what you play on your office TV, and maybe even a pair of polka dot socks. 

These small details are easy to overlook. But they carry huge potential for creating an unforgettable brand. 

In this episode, Matt talks to Sheri Fitts, a nationally recognized speaker and host of the “Women Rocking Wall Street” podcast. Over the past 30 years, Sheri has helped countless advisors achieve an unbelievably high level of brand consistency. Now, Sheri is telling you why “the little things” about your brand can make a big impact on your audience. Join Matt and Sheri as they uncover strategies that will help you differentiate your brand –– a task that’s especially important as the financial services industry becomes increasingly commoditized.

You will learn:

  • Unforgettable branding strategies that are free from compliance restrictions
  • How Sheri uses polka dot socks to make a lasting impression on prospects
  • Why Sheri decided to start a free podcast even though people would readily pay for her expertise
  • Reasons to tap into the power of audio branding
  • And more

Press play to learn how to differentiate your brand by focusing on the small details that most advisors forget about!

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