Can Continuous Education Be More Enjoyable & Less Time-Consuming? With John Waldron (Ep. 418)

If you’re like the advisors we know, you enjoy continuing education because it equips you to help more people. But you don’t love the time-consuming admin work that often comes with it. Or sitting through courses you don’t find valuable. 

What if you could satisfy your continuing education requirements on your own terms, and with less time required? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran has a thought-provoking discussion with John Waldron, Founder of Learnedly. They talk about more fulfilling ways to learn (unless you prefer pre-recorded webinars?), how the continuing education landscape is changing, and ways to help your clients spot the red flags of bad finfluencer advice.

John discusses:

  • Why the current landscape of continuing education in Canada’s financial services industry is so fragmented – and how this impacts advisors
  • How to help clients recognize and dodge click-hungry finfluencers
  • Ideas for completing your requirements faster, so you can get back to serving your clients
  • Other continuous education options that put you in a better learning environment (because you’re doing something fulfilling!)
  • And more


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About John Waldron:

John Waldron is the founder of Learnedly, a digital training platform for Canadian financial professionals. With more than 20 years of experience in financial services, John has worked in the banking, securities, and investment fund sectors, as well as Canada’s largest training provider for financial professionals. 

Over the course of John’s career, he has earned several designations, including the CFP®, FMA, CIM, and CIWM. John is the author of Wealth Ed: Money Management for Ontario Teachers and served as an advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Education to integrate financial literacy into Ontario’s school curriculum. 

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