Building a Business From Scratch as a First-Gen Entrepreneur With Andrew McIntosh (Ep. 416)

While many businesses are passed down or built with inherited money, that’s not the case for what Andrew McIntosh calls the 1st Gen Entrepreneur.

First-generation entrepreneurs face more unique challenges like gaining influence, building a good reputation — and, of course, earning sales. 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Andrew McIntosh, the founder of 1st Gen Entrepreneurs, about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur without having the luxury of a fancy (and expensive) business coach. 

Andrew discusses:

  • How 1st Gen Entrepreneurs provides business owners, like you, with invaluable advice without the premium price of a business coach
  • How being a CEO or any leader doesn’t mean you need to be the smartest in the room (and why you shouldn’t want to be the smartest in the room)
  • The community of advisors and leaders he’s gathered on 1st Gen Entrepreneurs and the resources they’re providing
  • How to know if hiring the more expensive & experienced candidate is the right call for your business
  • And more


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About Andrew McIntosh:

Andrew McIntosh is a serial entrepreneur who was the first in his family to start a business, or as he calls it, a 1st Generation Entrepreneur. Since Andrew grew up without any formal training/education on what it takes to properly grow a business, he always felt as though he had to learn everything the hard way, and that the road to success was filled with uncertainty and indecision.

This is why Andrew started 1st Gen Entrepreneurs, to provide new entrepreneurs like you with all the mentorship you could ever need.

Andrew has founded an online support community built specifically for 1st Generation Entrepreneurs, where you can get all the help, support & guidance you need to grow your business successfully.

Gain access to our deep vault of resources to help you become a subject matter authority. Learn how to create and implement effective content marketing, click-worthy social media, your own podcast, and much more.