Becoming An Exit Planning Advisor With John Brown (Ep. 383)

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Business owners looking to plan their exit need to consider more than just their personal life. 

How many advisors can provide both retirement planning and business exit planning advice?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to John Brown, the Founder of Business Enterprise Institute, on becoming an exit planner. John shares his journey to becoming an exit planner and his advice for advisors looking to learn more about exit planning advice.

John discusses:

  • The difference between large- and small-business exit planning
  • The first step to creating a personal and professional exit strategy 
  • Two proven ways to let your clientbase know that you’re ready to help them with exit planning
  • Ways for advisors to expand their knowledge and provide more information for their clients
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

For over 30 years, John Brown has guided hundreds of business owners through the most important financial (and emotional) transaction of their lives: the exit from their companies. John started his legal career in Denver, Colorado as an estate planner. While his clients were planning their exits from life, they simply didn’t know how to plan the exit from their companies. John was challenged to create a customizable, repeatable, and successful process that would convert those valuable assets to cash.

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