338. The MarketCounsel Summit 2021: What’s in It for Advisors? With Brian Hamburger

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The MarketCounsel Summit. A lot of advisors are familiar with this event!

It’s where executives from leading wealth management firms gather to reassess the financial landscape.

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Brian Hamburger, JD, CRCP, the founder, president and CEO of MarketCounsel. Recording live at The MarketCounsel Summit 2021, Matt and Brian discuss the value that this one-of-a-kind conference offers to the independent investment advisors and financial industry as a whole.

Brian discusses:

  • Every reason to spark meaningful dialogues and debates with your peers
  • Steps advisors are taking post-COVID to re-engage with the industry
  • What he enjoyed the most during the 2021 summit
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Brian Hamburger is the founder, president and CEO of MarketCounsel, the leading business and regulatory compliance consulting firm to the country’s preeminent entrepreneurial independent investment advisers. He is also the founder and managing member of the Hamburger Law Firm, a boutique law firm with its practice in virtually all areas related to the investment and securities industry, entrepreneurial and employment matters. In 2015, Wealth Management named Brian as one of the top thought leaders in wealth management. In 2014, REP. Magazine featured Brian on its cover as “The Engineer” of the RIA evolution.


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