15. Living With a Courageous Heart With Matt Gagnon

Living with a courageous heart is about living a life that’s aligned with your values. It’s about finding your voice, no longer being a people-pleaser, and becoming your own human being. 

In this inspiring episode, Matt Halloran talks to Matt Gagnon, a professional life coach, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author. Matt Gagnon has faced a lot of adversities in life –– which he now sees as the ultimate call to adventure for himself and the people he coaches.  He shares his story and then dives into what it takes to start living with a courageous heart.

You will learn:

  • Why adversities are the ultimate call to adventure
  • What turning point completely changed Matt Gagnon’s approach towards life
  • How to overcome the common mindset that stops people from following their passion
  • How Matt Gagnon built a tribe of ideal clients solely through organic marketing
  • And more!

Press play to learn how to live your life with a courageous heart!

Resources: ProudMouth | Matt Halloran on LinkedIn | Kirk Lowe on LinkedIn | Influence Accelerator Academy | Matt Gagnon on LinkedIn | Lifestory Coaching & Development | “The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work” by Joseph Campbell

Matt Gagnon’s Instagram accounts: @iammattgagnon | @atomicmornings.io | @mattgagnoncoaching

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