16. From Chefs to Foodies: How Food Connects People With Johnny De Lima

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Through the trying times of COVID-19, a shared love for good food is something that has kept people connected.

But what about those who prepare all of the delicious dishes for us? How are they doing?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks with Johnny De Lima, founder of Wenu. Johnny discusses ways to support the local chefs and restaurants who’ve suffered as a result of the pandemic. He talks about how he aims to revive the intimate connection with food that the world is currently missing, plus ways in which Wenu can help home chefs monetize their culinary talents.

Johnny discusses:

  • His plans to introduce data-driven recommendations to help chefs identify in-demand dishes
  • How direct chef-foodie relationships can become significantly more valuable
  • Marketing and other strategic insights into Johnny’s multiple entrepreneurial ventures
  • Why the food industry needs your support and connection now more than ever
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Johnny De Lima has been a die-hard entrepreneur ever since he started his own garbage removal business at age 8. Today, he’s focused on building the world’s largest menu: a platform/marketplace to empower home chefs to sell their homemade specialties via video where local foodies can watch live and order fresh home cooked meals to be delivered. It’s as though the Food Network and Instagram had a baby that got delivered by Door Dash and named that baby Wenu.

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