34. How To Cut Through Industry Misinformation To Educate Your Audience With Kristen Yoder

This week, we’re bringing back an episode that our listeners loved!

Matt Halloran talks to Kristen Yoder, a 16-year cannabis industry veteran, media personality, speaker, and host of The CannaBS Detector Podcast. Kristen shares how she has become a trusted authority by speaking the truth about the cannabis industry, even before anyone was accepting it as truth! She also explains why she sticks to logic and objectivity when educating her social media audience  –– and her advice for staying out of emotional debates!

Kristen discusses: 

  • How she has managed to get the attention of numerous reputable media outlets
  • Why she’s known as the cannabis industry’s “BS detector”
  • Tips for picking fights that are backed by trustworthy sources
  • The best way to take a stance against Internet trolls
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Kristen Yoder, featured in Vanity Fair, Forbes, USA Today, and named one of Marijuana Venture Magazine’s “40 Under 40 Rising Stars of Cannabis,” is a 16-year Los Angeles industry veteran. Kristen’s popularity as an outspoken and trusted authority on a variety of subjects has led her to teaching classes, speaking at events, on podcasts, in print, and online media both nationally and internationally. Kristen is passionate about advising/preparing her clients for the unique intricacies and quagmires often overlooked and unexpected by those entering the newly regulated cannabis landscape.

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