29. How To Bounce Back After Life Punches You in the Face With Erik Allen

Ever felt like you got sucker punched by life? Maybe you feel that way right now.

This episode is all about bouncing back!

Join Matt Halloran and Erik Allen, host of “Top Rated MMA” and “The Erik Allen Show.” They encourage you to fight for your purpose every day and fail forward. Erik also shares how he overcame addiction, bankruptcy, and other challenges to turn his life around and become a successful entrepreneur.

Erik discusses:

  • Wins that most people overlook (and why he recommends “stacking” them)
  • His podcasting strategies for monetization and booking guests
  • Reasons to share your story with your audience
  • How to stay focused on your end goal (especially when life’s throwing punches)
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Erik Allen is truly a man of integrity, work ethic, and an overcomer. Despite being raised in a broken home, battling addiction, being jailed at 18, and filing for bankruptcy at 21, Erik managed to turn everything around. He is now 16+ years sober, 16+ years married with two kids, an entrepreneur, a podcaster, and a speaker, who helps up-and-coming MMA and entrepreneurs get noticed online. Erik might have been dealt a rough hand, but with the help of his Heavenly Father and a humble heart, Erik is taking each day as it comes and making it count.

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