30. Start a Podcast To Turn Skeptical Prospects Into Raving Fans With Matt Halloran

Want to turn prospects into fans who are ready to work with you? Add podcasting to your digital marketing strategy!

In this episode, your host Matt Halloran is on the other side of the mic. He’s interviewed by Gavin Hammar, the founder of Sendible and host of “Unscalable” podcast. Matt and Gavin draw from their podcasting experiences to share pro tips on how to launch your show, grow your audience, and use your podcast to attract ideal prospects (without having to sell to them!).

Matt and Gavin discuss:

  • Why traditional ads and sales pitches don’t work anymore
  • An easy breakdown of the complete podcasting process
  • The correct way to measure your podcast’s return on investment
  • Unscalable aspects of a podcast that attract prospects and clients
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Gavin Hammar is the founder of Sendible, a leading social media management platform. Unlike most tech entrepreneurs, Gavin did not raise any outside funding and built a successful, profitable company in a highly competitive market while remaining fully bootstrapped. Gavin believes that in a noisy world where everyone is trying to gain a competitive edge through automation, bots, and AI, the best strategy is to focus on the things that make you stand out –– the things he refers to as… “unscalable”.

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