The Top Advisor Marketing Podcast Crosses 300 Episodes

The Top Advisor Marketing Podcast Crosses 300 Episodes


TORONTO, Ont., (June 1, 2021) –– On June 1st, 2021, ProudMouth released its 300th episode of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, a weekly show that brings financial advisors marketing perspectives and strategies to help them rise above the noise in their industry.

For their milestone episode, it seemed only natural for host Matt Halloran and his business partner, Kirk Lowe, to take on the topic: “5 Not-So-Obvious Things To Do Before You Start a Podcast.” In their customary conversational style, ProudMouth co-founders Halloran and Lowe cover aspects of podcast preparation that too many new podcasters overlook, which inevitably leads to “podfade” –– when podcasters quit their podcast without notice. 

Fifty percent of podcasts podfade before episode seven, and another 50% do not make it past episode 20, according to data from Blubrry, a podcasting company that serves over 125,000 podcasters. 

When one considers how often new podcasts fizzle out, it becomes easier to appreciate the magnitude of Top Advisor Marketing Podcast’s 300th episode milestone.

How has the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast managed to publish a new weekly episode for four years? Halloran attributes much of its success to the ProudMouth team, which produces every episode. Ever since Halloran pressed record for the first time on this podcast in January 2017, the team has assisted with finding and booking guests and has stuck to firm publishing deadlines.

“Interviewing guests has also played a tremendous role in our consistency,” said Halloran. “We don’t always have to come up with content –– we get to lean on the guests for that.”

Moving forward, Halloran and Lowe plan to keep this momentum going and do not see the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast ending anytime soon. 

“The podcast has become the hub of all our content at ProudMouth. It’s way too valuable to us to ever quit,” said Lowe. “It’s just going to keep getting better and better.”

Visit the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast to listen to all episodes directly on the ProudMouth website, download them, or subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform. 


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