New Online Learning Community Helps Podcasters Beat Podfade

New Online Learning Community Helps Podcasters Beat Podfade

ProudMouth’s educational platform gives new podcasters tested tools to prevent podfade: podcasters’ unplanned ceasing of production, which claimed 30% of new podcasts in 2020

TORONTO, Ont., (Feb. 17, 2021) –– ProudMouth, a done-for-you podcasting service provider for industry experts, launched an online learning community called Influence Accelerator Academy that gives fledgling podcasters on-demand access to tools that are designed to keep them motivated and achieving success with their podcast.

According to data from Chartable, 2020 saw the creation of 900,000 new podcasts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic –– a more than 280% increase from 2019. “That’s almost two podcasts started every minute,” Chartable reports. However, 30% of the podcasts started in 2020 stopped after producing only one or two episodes.

The unplanned gradual or abrupt ceasing of podcast production is what podcast communities refer to as “podfade.”

“If industry experts are serious about podcasting, they need a plan and partner to keep them from podfading. That’s what we’re all about,” said Matt Halloran, co-founder of ProudMouth. “With the Influence Accelerator Academy, we’re giving them the same strategies we’ve used with our podcast to grow our company to a $2-million revenue enterprise in the four years since we started.”

The Influence Accelerator Academy offers self-directed courses and guides that cover everything from podcasting fundamentals –– how to choose equipment and plan topics –– to how to implement a 36-month marketing strategy that leverages the expert’s podcast to expand their network and generate client referrals.

“We’ve packed our courses with tested strategies for building a devoted listenership and attracting revenue-generating opportunities with a podcast,” said Kirk Lowe, co-founder of ProudMouth. “When experts can’t figure that stuff out and see success, they understandably get discouraged. We’re showing them how to succeed so their podcast becomes way too valuable to ever quit.”

In addition to helping podcasters keep their momentum going, Influence Accelerator Academy gives experts guidance on all of their digital marketing activities, including branding, copywriting, social media marketing and webinars.  

Influence Accelerator Academy members can choose from three levels of monthly memberships: Apprentice ($0/month), Enthusiast ($99/month) and Expert ($249/month). 

Members who have an Enthusiast or Expert membership will soon have the opportunity to attend live workshops and office hours with vetted marketing experts.

For more information about the Influence Accelerator Academy and how to #BeYourOwnLoud, visit:


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ProudMouth is a leading influence accelerator company that liberates the world’s experts from the torment of sales, allowing them to get back to their passion and profitability. Formerly known as Top Advisor Marketing, ProudMouth was founded in 2017 with the mandate of turning financial services professionals into subject matter authorities through original thought leadership in the form of podcasts –– a much-needed departure from the boring canned content that advisors have traditionally relied on for digital prospecting. Today, ProudMouth manages over 70 podcasts, mostly for financial services professionals. They are welcoming professionals and companies from all industries to #BeYourOwnLoud by starting a podcast that attracts their ideal prospects. For more information, please go to

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