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PodRocket Academy: Ignite Your Influence and Skyrocket Your Success

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Master the art of podcasting and content marketing with PodRocket Academy. Our expert-led courses cover podcast production, promotion strategies, and content marketing, providing you with the skills to amplify your authority and drive growth. Learn from top industry professionals like Matt Halloran and transform your podcasting efforts into a powerful marketing tool.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Podcast Production: Techniques for creating high-quality episodes to captivate and retain your audience.
  • Marketing Strategies: Effective methods for promoting your content to increase visibility and attract more clients.
  • Content Marketing: How to create and distribute engaging content that converts leads into loyal customers.
  • Brand Building: Develop a strong authority and grow your business, positioning yourself as an industry leader.
  • Audience Engagement: Grow and engage your audience effectively, turning listeners into a devoted community.

Unlock Your Voice = Authority, Strategy, and Results

  • Turbocharge Your Influence: Gain insider knowledge from podcast producers and digital marketers to position yourself as a trusted authority. audience.
  • Zero Experience Required: Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered
  • Flexible Learning: Access courses at your own pace, covering marketing strategy, email marketing, social media techniques, content marketing, and more.
  • Battle-Tested Strategies: Learn from podcasting expert Matt Halloran and the ProudMouth team to achieve real-world results.
  • Grow: Gain expert knowledge and skills through our academy to grow your authority and customer base.
  • Expert Access Hours: Don’t miss Expert Access Hours, held twice weekly for all our valued members. Get immediate answers to your questions and leverage expert insights to improve your performance. This feature alone justifies the investment

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Master Our Proven Strategies Today That Have:

A podcast is the most powerful way to become the authority in your niche, attract high-quality leads, and drive consistent sales.
Now Is The Time To Turbocharge Your Authority! Successfully Launch Your Podcast With No Tech or Marketing Experience!

PodRocket Academy Authority Accelerator Membership

Amplify Your Influence
$ 199 Monthly
  • Full access: Gain unlimited access to our growing library of 30+ courses
  • Office Hours: Benefit from 8 hours per month of dedicated expert-led marketing guidance
  • Get instant access to our Influence Assessment to discover where to start and receive your personalized action plan.
  • Master Content Marketing with Expert Curated Tools and Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the academy for?

Professional service providers, entrepreneurs, and their marketing teams. We specialize in launching and running podcasts for financial advisors and professionals in highly regulated industries, which means we understand compliance inside-out. If you fall into that category, all the better. But, really, any professional who’s motivated to learn how to become a subject matter authority will benefit from PodRocket Academy.

How much marketing experience do I need in order to benefit from it?

PodRocket Academy is designed for all experience levels. You definitely don’t need to have any marketing or tech experience because we’re going to teach you everything. However, if you do have marketing experience, you’re in the right place! Our team will show you how to evolve your strategies so you can attract fans who are ready to buy from you.

Can I send my marketing assistant?

Definitely! We even have a Certified Digital Marketing Assistant course, available in our Advanced membership.

I’ve seen other learning platforms. What makes this one different?

PodRocket Academy specializes in equipping professionals and entrepreneurs — especially those from highly regulated industries — with the knowledge and tools to become subject matter authorities.

How do I know which membership is right for me and my team?

If you’re new to marketing (and podcasting), you might consider getting our Beginner membership since it’s full of foundational videos. However, most professionals and entrepreneurs will benefit from the Intermediate level, as it includes all the resources from Beginner, plus the next steps for putting your news into practice (to accelerate your influence!).

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

You can cancel your monthly membership anytime, with no fees. If you’ve paid annually, we’ve discounted your membership costs because you’ve made a one-year commitment to learning how to become a trusted authority (thank you!). If you decide to cancel your annual plan, you will not be refunded for the remainder of the year. However, your membership will not auto-renew for the following year.

I’ve already started my podcast. What can you teach me?

It’s awesome to meet a fellow podcaster! We can help you re-evaluate your current production, content, and guest strategies. And then we will show you how to turn your podcast into a relationship building (i.e., fan-attracting) tool for your business.

If I don't have time to implement everything I'm learning, will the academy help me find outsourced options?

Certainly! Intermediate or Advanced memberships give you exclusive access to our list of vetted experts.

Do I have access to a real human to answer my marketing questions?

Yes! With an Intermediate or Advanced membership, you get access to our team twice per week during office hours.

Want Us To Do The Work? - Accelerate Your Influence

Rocket Fuel - Guided Podcast Production
  • You get 2-4 professionally produced episodes per month, including recording, editing, and production for both audio and video. We also expand your reach through targeted social media and YouTube content creation and scheduling. With our Influence Accelerator System, you’ll build a devoted audience and generate substantial revenue, allowing you to focus on what you do best: advising.
  • Our experts handle everything: recording, editing, and producing high-quality audio and video episodes. We capture and refine your content to ensure professional production standards, develop engaging snippets for social media and YouTube, and manage all scheduling and posting for you.
  • Receive a Welcome Kit with essential equipment, including a microphone, webcam, pop filter, and headphones.

Gain access to our deep vault of resources to help you become a subject matter authority. Learn how to create and implement effective content marketing, click-worthy social media, your own podcast, and much more.