The Expert Guide to Breaking Up with Your Broker-Dealer with Alanah Phillips (Ep. 446)

Is it time to break up? 

As an advisor, it can be hard to know when – and especially how – to break up with your broker-dealer. 

In this episode, influence expert Matt Halloran is joined by Alanah Phillips – a recruiter, trainer, speaker, podcast host, self-professed industry troublemaker, and a passionate advocate for the next generation of financial advisors – to explore the reasons, proper steps, and common pitfalls of moving on. They discuss the challenges advisors face, the psychology behind their decisions, and the significance of planning and due diligence in the process. 

This episode is a can’t-miss for anyone ready to break up, or anyone with that niggling voice in their head suggesting it might be time. 

Alanah and Matt discuss:

  • The gap between promises made during recruitment and the reality of the advisor experience
  • How to manage expectations when making a transition
  • The proper planning and due diligence that too many advisors are skipping
  • How to position your practice to be more portable
  • Why a “dating coach” or breakup specialist is necessary when navigating a transition
  • The reasons for the mass exodus away from wirehouses and traditional broker-dealers
  • And more

Sometimes they’re big bad signs. Sometimes they’re really subtle little signs, right? But noticing those signs and acknowledging that there might be a problem is important.” ~Alanah Phillips


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About Alanah Phillips:

Alanah Phillips is a seasoned advocate for the next generation of financial advisors, having spent seven years as a national Director of Recruiting. In 2023, she launched Advisor Launch Lab, providing outsourced training and development for growing advisory teams. Actively involved in shaping the industry’s future, she co-chairs The American College of Financial Services’ Next-Gen Advisory Taskforce and hosts the podcast “Nextgen in 10” for emerging financial professionals. Alanah also initiated Project Inspire in 2017 to inspire and educate young women about financial services careers, mentoring over 200 college-aged women. She’s known for pushing boundaries and experimenting with new media to enhance transitioning advisors’ skills. On LinkedIn, she discusses topics like why advisors should consider parting ways with their broker-dealer. Additionally, she assists experienced advisors in identifying reasons to move on and connects them with resources for building successful, independent practices. Beyond her professional life, Alanah enjoys San Diego’s outdoors with her husband and three dogs, and she’s an avid reader, gym-goer, and baseball fan.

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