Special Mini Series: 3 Part Research Series – Study Results of High-Net-Worth Breadwinners: Episode 2

Rethink How to Win Executives: Part 2 — With Laura Gregg and David Partain

It’s time to challenge what you thought you knew about the investor behaviors of high-net-worth (HNW) men versus women.

In part two of our mini-series, Matt Halloran continues his conversation with Laura Gregg and David Partain of FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds to dig deeper into the remarkable findings from their stereotype-smashing study. Together, they uncover the actions, desires, and perceptions of men and women HNW investors that are true departures from gender stereotypes.

In this episode, you will learn:

Surprisingly, who the more conservative investor is
Which gender consider themselves to be “experts” when it comes to investing
How vastly different the current financial goals are between men and women
What these HNW individuals really want from their advisor services
And more!

Tune in to hear what the findings reveal about the behaviors of HNW men versus women.

Resources:  Top Advisor Marketing | FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds | Study: “Rethink How to Win Executives” | Contact Laura Gregg | Contact David Partain

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