Practicing Mindfulness for More Authentic Client Connections With Saundra Davis (Ep. 444)

You can’t take care of someone else until you start taking care of yourself. And that’s equally true for both personal and professional relationships. 

In this episode of the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, Saundra Davis – a certified mindfulness teacher, master certified coach, financial behavior specialist, and Executive Director of Sage Financial Solutions – joins host Matt Halloran to discuss the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness for financial advisors. They discuss how these practices not only enhance overall service delivery but also directly contribute to substantial growth, client retention, and increased referrals in the advisory realm.

Matt & Saundra discuss:

  • Why mindfulness should be a part of your daily practice
  • How your “inner game” impacts your outer game 
  • Why developing the skills of self-reflection and self-awareness ultimately make you a better advisor able to accurately assess and advise your clients
  • How to start from a strengths-based perspective, instead of focusing on your weaknesses
  • Why taking responsibility that is not yours to take is hurting you, and what to do instead
  • The two most revealing questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis
  • The importance of identifying your ‘why’
  • And more

The first thing is we cannot truly and authentically do something with our clients that we have not done for ourselves. We do not have to be therapists – nor do we have to play one on TV – to use therapeutic approaches with our clients.” ~ Saundra Davis 


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About Saundra Davis:

Saundra Davis is a highly respected financial planner, educator, and coach who has dedicated her career to helping people achieve financial stability and prosperity for more than 20 years. Saundra is the founder and Executive Director of Sage Financial Solutions, a nonprofit organization that provides financial education and coaching training for government, corporations and community based organizations. Her framework The Continuum of Financial Wellbeing is a model to ensure that all people, regardless of their income or wealth, have access to competent and ethical personal finance support. Through her training programs and Financial Fitness Coach certification, Saundra has trained more than 2,500 professionals and has helped countless people develop healthy financial habits, navigate complex financial decisions, and achieve their financial goals.

She is a regular contributor to various media outlets, including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR. She has also served as a featured speaker at conferences and events across the country. Saundra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and a Master of Science degree in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University where is the Director of Financial Planning programs. She is a certified mindfulness teacher and an ICF Certified Master Coach (MCC) and holds the Financial Behavior Specialist (FBS®) certification. She is a founding member and past president of the Financial Therapy Association.

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