Episode 282 – Why Posting on Every Social Media Platform Imaginable Doesn’t Create Influence –– With Mohit Rajhans

It’s time to rethink the conventional advice from marketing gurus who say you must be on every social media platform if you want to become a subject matter authority.  

In this episode, Matt talks to Mohit Rajhans, the co-founder of Think Start and author of “Rethinking Your Content.” Mohit starts out by encouraging you to be strategic with your social media platform of choice, even if it’s tempting to strive for omnipresence. Matt and Mohit then go on to discuss digital trends and several ways to re-think your approach to content strategy. 

You will learn:

  • Why Mohit believes we’re in a “content crisis” and how that plays out in content creation
  • Why your platform strategy is way more important than your content strategy
  • Mohit’s expert insights on the latest trends in the digital world
  • The first steps to auditing your digital footprint
  • And more!

Press play to learn how you can benefit, as a content creator, from focusing more on platform strategy and less on content strategy.


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