Episode 268 – The Most Successful 401(k) Advisors Niche Out: Here’s How! –– With Jake Rushton

Most 401(k) advisors resist the crucial first step to succeeding in their industry: choosing a niche! 

In this episode, Matt is joined by Jake Rushton, an expert in the 401(k) world and the founder of 401(k)lub. Jakes gives you step-by-step guidance on how to immerse yourself in your niche’s world so you can help them immediately, gain their trust, and build your credibility. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Examples of how to niche down in the 401(k) world
  • The most effective ways to gain more market share within the plans that you want to help
  • How referrals can play a major role in your business growth
  • Whether you should go beyond plan design to offer educational resources to your prospects
  • How to distribute your content and build a community around your plan
  • How personal branding can help you create awareness and attract more clients
  • And more!

Avoid mistakes that keep 401(k) advisors from growing and becoming known by their audience. Tune in now to get proven marketing tips for the 401(k) space!

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | 401(k)lub | The 401JA(k)E Show | Jake Rushton on LinkedIn

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