Episode 264 – How To Become an Author Without Writing a Single Thing –– With Seth Greene

Books are the ultimate business card. But do you actually want to write a book?

In this episode, Matt is joined by Seth Greene, founder of Market Domination LLC, to explain how advisors can become an author of their own book, all while skipping the demanding and time-consuming writing process.

Seth unpacks Market Domination’s five-step COI method and how his team helps advisors write their own book that generates referrals. He also shares what marketing techniques are making advisors stand out and find prospects during COVID-19 and three marketing missteps to stop doing immediately.

In this episode, you will learn:

How the upcoming U.S. election is impacting cost-per-lead ad spending on Facebook
Why LinkedIn campaigns are working better than ever before for Seth’s clients
How Seth’s COI system works and who it’s designed for
Stories about professionals who’ve successfully used their book to generate referrals
Three marketing missteps that advisors should avoid
And more!

Tune in now to learn about marketing in the virtual space!

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | Market Domination LLC | Seth Greene on Linkedin

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