Episode 261 – How to Use Original Content to Win Ideal Prospects –– With Jeremy Keil

Imagine having original content that shows your ideal prospects what you do and who you serve.

Imagine prospects calling you up, ready to work together, because you’ve proven your knowledge –– and in fact, they already like you!

Today, Matt is joined by Jeremy Keil, the owner of Keil Financial Partners and host of the Retirement Revealed With Jeremy Keil podcast.

Jeremy shares how he uses original content to introduce himself to prospects. He also dives into his marketing misses and wins, and how he caught the attention of Harley-Davidson employees at a time when they needed his help the most.

In this episode, you will learn:

The difference between branding and marketing
Jeremy’s secret tips for never running out of podcast topics
Marketing missteps that Jeremy wants you to avoid
5 ways to get your content in front of people on Google
How Jeremy used content to put himself in front of Harley-Davidson employees
And more!

Tune in now to learn easy ways to get in front of ideal prospects with your original content!

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | Jeremy Keil on LinkedIn | Keil Financial Partners | Retirement Revealed With Jeremy Keil

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