Episode 257 – Why It’s Time for Advisors To Replace Selling With Content Marketing

People no longer want to be sold to. That means the financial services industry must drastically change their approach to attracting new clients.

Today, Matt and Kirk talk about how to stop selling your services and start educating your ideal prospects. They explain why content marketing is essential for today’s advisors, why a LinkedIn sales pitch left Kirk shaking his head, and steps to take before you hire a branding company.

In this episode, you will learn:

Why content marketing pre-qualifies prospects
Why having too many referrals isn’t good for your business
Actions to take with a cold audience before trying to convert them
Which marketing tasks Matt and Kirk have outsourced –– and why they’re believers in leveraging external support
Defining characteristics of a cult brand
And more!

Listen now to learn how to start marketing to your ideal prospects on their terms.

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | Death By Referrals | The Fix by Chris Kneeland, Ryan Gill, and Rob Howard

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