How To Work With Underserved Communities and Still Attract High-Net-Worth Clients With Adri Miller-Heckman (Ep. 255)

How can you attract more high-net-worth clients and still help groups that are typically underserved by advisors?

Today, Matt is joined by Adri Miller-Heckman, founder of FemXadvisor. Adri shares the story of her rebrand into FemXadvisor and how she helps women advisors energize themselves by uncovering and sharing their value. Adri also dives into how advisors can work with underserved people with low assets and still make money, while continuing to attract high-net-worth clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

How FemX helps women advisors uncover and articulate their value
How financial services professionals can better serve women and underserved communities
Ways to appeal to low income-based households while still attracting ultra high-net-worth clients
How advisors can continue their everyday business operations while expanding their community reach and giving back
And more!

Tune in now to learn how advisors can help those who need it most and continue to attract high-net-worth clients!

Resources: Top Advisor Marketing | FemXadvisor | Adri Miller-Heckman on LinkedIn

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