Episode 250 – Latino Communities Are Ready To Begin Talking About Their Money, But Where Should They Go? – With Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

Latino communities are underserved, and many don’t know who to speak with or where to begin talking about their money.

In this episode, Matt speaks with Jannese Torres-Rodriguez, host of the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast about her podcast aimed towards Latinas and women of color. Jannese explains how talking about your money in Latino communities is often considered taboo, and how she approaches breaking down that barrier.

In this episode, you will learn:

How Jannese started having more conversations about money in Latino communities, and why she started her podcast
Why Jannese chooses to lead by example and be transparent when talking about money
Where the idea of money being ‘taboo’ in first-gen Latino families comes from
How you can use social media to create a strong community outside of your podcast
Advice for financial services professionals working with women of color
And more!

Tune in now to learn about how financial services professionals can better serve Latino communities!


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