Episode 228: Building Your Business to Run Without You – With Erin Botsford

Advisors, like all entrepreneurs, want to build a successful business, serve more people, make more money, and hopefully one-day have the freedom to enjoy it. If you go on vacation, do you worry if the business will suffer, or are you secure in the fact that you have empowered your team to carry on without you?

Today, Matt speaks with Erin Botsford, a financial advisor who retired at the top of her game as a Barrons top 100 producer, now Erin helps other advisors achieve the same success she had. Erin is here today to share her story of where she began, her struggles, and her accomplishments.

In this episode, you will learn:

How Erin’s determination to succeed ultimately has led her to financial freedom
Why it is crucial to build your team for success
Staying top of mind is vital – how to use social media platforms effectively
And more!

Listen in and learn the importance of truly becoming a business owner.

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