Episode 222: How to Master Tough Conversations With Clients — With David Wood

Do you know how to have tough conversations with your clients? When a client cries in your office, is your automatic instinct to shut down the conversation?

In this episode, Matt speaks with David Wood, one of the world’s top life coaches, about why nine times out of 10, tough conversations are worth having. Naturally analytic, David teaches you how to switch gears to engage in tough conversations with a level of comfort and confidence that leads to deep connections.

In this episode, you will learn:

How to hold space for clients who are crying in your office
What golden question to ask any client who is expressing strong emotions
An exercise to do with your clients when you’re both feeling stressed during a conversation
Three outcomes of difficult conversations that most advisors don’t consider
And more!

Tune in now to learn how to master tough conversations with your clients.


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