Episode 144 – Social Media Changes of 2019 with Julia Ritchie

Your host Matt Halloran welcomes one of Top Advisor Marketing’s very own Julia Ritchie back to the mic today to dive into what’s happening in social media!

Julia is one of our social media specialists at Top Advisor Marketing and one of her primary focuses is keeping us current with the ever evolving changes that are happening on your social platforms. One of our top priorities for our clients is to please the algorithm with every post we make, and with Julia’s help we’re able to stay on top of those changes.

In today’s episode Julia and Matt discuss some of the big changes we’ve seen since the start of 2019, and what you as advisors, lawyers, or business owners can be doing to stay proactive on your social media.

Tune in today to keep your engagement high and social media successful!

Links: Julia Ritchie LinkedIn | Social Media Changes Report

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